Kindergarten Environment as an Integrating Context (EIC) Units

The kindergarten curriculum revolves around three hands-on, project-based units, which integrate the subject areas through community investigations. In each EIC investigation, students explore natural and social systems to develop an understanding that the elements of these systems are interdependent.

Me and my Tree
In the first kindergarten unit, Me and my Tree, students discover the question, “What is a system?” Students learn about natural and social systems by studying the parts of a tree, discovering how a tree is a system, and how our bodies are systems with similar parts and needs.

Where we Live
The second kindergarten unit investigates resources as they are used in human and animal shelters. Students learn about the process of constructing buildings and animal homes, the resources used to create these, where these resources come from, and how to conserve these.

Under our Feet
The final integrated unit involves an investigation of soil and how it provides resources for humans and plants. Students gain an understanding of where soil comes from and how important it is for all living things.  Students also study life cycles of plants and animals during this unit. During this investigation, students conduct experiments with seeds and plants to discover system parts, growth, and life cycles- all preparing them for the agriculture unit in first grade.