Are you interested in working at Seven Generations?

Seven Generations is always collecting resumés from individuals interested in working with us. Current openings are listed below. Simply click on the job title for a full description. If you are interested in applying please send a resumé and cover letter to employment@sevengen.org. Include the title of the position you are applying for in the Subject line.

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Knowledge and Skill Requirements

Recommended education and experience: two years post-secondary education, completion of an Associate’s Degree; prior experience working with special needs students

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for assisting the classroom teacher in the instruction of students including assistance with laboratories, washrooms, playgrounds, gymnasiums, lunchrooms, libraries, field trips and all other educational settings as determined by the classroom teacher
  2. Provides reinforcement of material taught by the classroom teacher and assists in providing direct academic, supportive, and behavioral instruction to students as directed
  3. Responsible for guiding any independent study, enrichment work, and remedial work set up by the classroom teacher, including helping the students stay on task and getting class work completed
  4. Maintains or modifies students’ curriculum as necessary
  5. Maintains appropriate documentation of student progress on completing assignments presented by student’s teachers and student behavior
  6. Assists students in testing situations
  7. Responsible for implementing behavior plans, following behavior plans as outlined and managing any behavior problems as soon as they arise
  8. Communicates daily with various groups of people outside the classroom including parents, school counselor, technical team, occupational therapist, speech therapist and administrators to assure a smooth transition of students
  9. Attends parent/teacher conferences as required
  10. At times will maintain an alternative classroom for administratively placed students who are experiencing behavioral difficulties. This will include implementation of behavior processing interview and monitoring of student progress
  11. Performs other duties as may be necessary and assigned by the classroom teacher and/or administrator


Substitute Teacher

Are you interested in being a Substitute Teacher for general and special education classes, or a substitute paraprofessional, at Seven Generations?

We are always searching for dedicated, creative substitute teachers interested in our mission and project-based-learning curriculum. Please contact employment@sevengen.org.