PTO Meeting and Agenda

11-16-17 6:00 PM - 7:15 PM

Our PTO operates on a consensus basis in all matters, employing the group process method of Formal Consensus. We believe that equality of contribution to decisions greatly increases our ability to find the best and most creative outcomes aligned with our mission. We also believe it imperative to engage the most committed form of democracy possible to model our core value of Mutual Respect for our students and community. In our deliberations, we recognize and remember that all participants in the process always share responsibility for the quality of our experience.


PTO Mission

AS the SGCS PTO, it is our mission to serve as a collaborative team of parents and staff members supporting the core values of our school.  We enrich and enhance the quality of educational experiences by: engaging parents as active participants, building community, coordinating events, resources, expertise, and time in alignment with the values of our school

Meeting Norms

*We agree to listen and respond to one another in a respectful way, creating a safe environment allowing for all to be heard.

*We agree to allow all participants to be heard and have an equal say, gather input from everyone, and utilize some form of consensus for decision making by people present.

*We agree to allow all participants an opportunity to contribute their voice in a safe, welcoming environment and to have a clear communication to the school community of agenda, minutes and other information.

*We agree to start and end on time, be respectful of time by staying true to the agenda.

*We agree that official PTO communication distributed will be fact-based, unbiased information and will not include any personal sharing or details.

*We agree to foster an environment  that is welcoming, open minded, and positive in which we expect to follow all agreed upon norms.


PTO Meeting Agenda


6:00pm – 7:15pm

  Purpose of Agenda Item Agenda Item Presenter Mins. Time
1 Opening/Introduction Check in, Core Committee Intro, Mission and Norms review, Parking Lot Facilitator & Amanda Cossman 8 6:00pm
2 Future Meeting Discussion -Day, Time, Food & Childcare


-Electronic Parking Lot

Facilitator & Amanda Cossman 45 6:08pm
3 Updates Holiday Fair Committee


Pizza Day & Bake Sale

Jen Hersh &

Emily Palmeri

Facilitator & Amanda Cossman









4. Closing Questions? Facilitator & Amanda Cossman 5 7:10pm

*7:15pm = Core Committee Meeting to set next Agenda

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