Volunteer Clearances

Volunteer clearances/certifications are  NOT required for the following activities:
• Mystery readers
• Classroom presentations or parties
• Attendance at school events such as assemblies, meetings, performances, festivals, etc.
• Monthly weekend work days or work parties
• Participation on a committee

Volunteer clearances/certifications ARE required for parents, community members and others who volunteer on behalf of the school and may be alone with small groups of students or with an individual student in the capacity of supervision, guidance or control. Clearances/certifications are also required for anyone who volunteers on a routine basis or for visitors who will spend regular, extended time in the school. Examples include but are not limited to:
• Chaperoning field trips
• Working with a small group of students or with an individual student
• Working in the library
• Driving a team/group to an activity
• Participating in extracurricular events on-site and off-site
• College students observing or studying at the school
• Assisting in a classroom

Effective August 12, 2015:  Due to changes in state and federal laws all volunteers are required to obtain clearances every 36 months. Volunteers are required to obtain updated clearances/certifications if clearances are older than July 1, 2012. The Child Abuse History Certification and PA Criminal clearances are required and free for volunteers at this time.

  1. The Child Abuse History Certification from the Department of Human Services is available at https://www.compass.state.pa.us/cwis/public/home
  2. The Pennsylvania State Police Criminal clearance is available at https://epatch.state.pa.us/Home.jsp 
  3.  The FBI fingerprint registration is online at https://www.pa.cogentid.com/index_pde.htm. After registering, have your fingerprints taken at the UPS store on Lehigh Street or another acceptable place and return the receipt to the school.
    1. The fingerprint-based federal criminal history (FBI) check is required if a volunteer has not been a Pennsylvania resident continuously for the past 10 years. If a volunteer has been a resident of Pennsylvania continuously the past 10 years, volunteers must sign an affidavit verifying this information. This affidavit can be obtained at the school, or download it here: Pennsylvania Resident Volunteer Affidavit

Volunteers will also be required to sign the Arrest/Conviction form annually. Download the form here: Act 182 Form. If you have any questions please call the elementary school front office at 610-421-8844.

All three clearances/certification forms must be on file with the school. Please bring originals to the school office; a copy of each will be made and the original forms returned to you. Parent clearances/certification forms are accepted and considered valid when the date of the clearance/certification is within one calendar year of the date of receipt by the Charter School.

If you would like to start volunteering while your clearances/certifications are being processed, you must sign an affidavit – available at the front desk – and show proof of request of the three clearance/certification forms. The affidavit is acceptable only for the interim period that the clearances are in process.

View or print a copy of Seven Generation’s official Volunteer Clearance Policy.