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3rd Grade Great Debate

3rd Grade found a unique way to take their learning outside the classroom, giving students purpose and providing them with a fun experiential learning opportunity. The third grade team was studying persuasive and argumentative writing and thought, what better way to argue their point of view than a good old fashion debate! Students assessed the needs of their classroom community and decided to debate the hot topic of “Fidgets: A learning distraction or a learning tool?”. Students formulated their opinions, wrote their arguments and then presented their persuasive writing to a panel of judges. Judges scored their presentations and collaborated. Round one was won by the team against fidgets and round two was won by the team for fidgets, ultimately ending in a tie. Mr Pellak’s and Mrs. Martin’s class decided the best solution would be to develop a class contract with rules for using fidgets in the classroom. What a great opportunity to take their learning and apply it in authentic and meaningful ways!

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