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Acknowledgement System at SGCS

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Seven Generations promote positive behaviors throughout the school day through the use of Responsive Classroom practices. School wide, students work hard to showcase our four pillars of positive behaviors (RC)2: Respect, Responsibility, Cooperation, and Compassion. When a staff members identifies a students exhibiting one of these 4 behaviors, the student is given an acknowledgement.

For our elementary students:

At the elementary level, students are given a gold coin as an acknowledgement. In the morning, students bring their acknowledge to our common area. Here, an administrator talks to the students about how they earned the acknowledgement and records it in our school wide log. Students drop their coin in their grade level tube and receive a peg to be place on our acknowledgment board. Each peg hold a special coordinate and when an entire row is filled on the board, all students who’s pegs were in that row receive a special reward. Grade level and school wide rewards are also given when we reach our goals!

For our middle school students:

Our SGCS Middle School hands out acknowledgements for being (RC)2 as well, but it looks slightly different for our older students. At the beginning of each month the middle school students come together to determine 6 different rewards they would like to work towards (2 tangible rewards, 2 recognitions, and 2 special privileges). When staff members recognizes a student is being respectful, responsible, cooperative or compassionate, they receive a ticket. Students write their name on the ticket and drop it in the acknowledgement reward box of their choice!

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