Board of Trustees

Seven Generations Charter School, located in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, offers an innovative educational alternative to traditional public education. Seven Generations strives for excellence in all academic subject areas and the fine arts, while also focusing on sustainable living principles, including environmental stewardship and respect for all living things.

The Seven Generations Board of Trustees, working together with the school community, monitors school progress toward meeting the student achievement and other objectives agreed to in the charter contract, budget approval, school-wide policies, strategic planning, charter school administrator appraisal and support.

Seven Generations Charter School Board of Trustees Meetings are typically held the third Tuesday of each month in the Intermediate School building.
Board of Trustees Meetings are open to the public.
Board of Trustees Meetings consist of two parts;
At 5:30 PM the Working Meeting which is used as an “open door” opportunity for staff and often includes “Executive Session” agenda items which are not public (Sunshine Law Guidance reference pages 16 – 20),
and the Business Meeting which is entirely open to the public at all times is at 6:30 PM.
Please reference the agenda to confirm start times and executive sessions.
If a meeting must be canceled or rescheduled, information will be posted 24 hours in advance.

To contact the Board of Trustees:

To request that something be added to the agenda, contact the agenda planner at

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