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Specials at SGCS

Environment and Ecology

The Environment and Ecology program allows students further deepen their local environmental science knowledge on the biodiversity of ecosystems through experiential lessons with a focus on the relationship and interdependence in systems within. Students explore and develop innovative ways to improve environmental sustainability, reduce our carbon footprint, and make mindful, informed decisions by channeling their knowledge of systems connectivity and how our human actions impact the world around us and future generations.

Physical Education

In Physical Education and Health class, students participate in a wide variety of stimulating and energizing activities all aligned to state standards. Students learn about the importance of physical fitness and healthy habits as key components to keeping our bodies healthy.  Emphasis is on knowledge acquisition, skill development, cooperation, and sportsmanship while meeting the individual physical and health needs of each student.  Our students become very mindful of the importance of physical activity and healthy choices and their impact on overall wellness.


The arts and humanities curriculum includes  Music, the Visual Arts, Drama and Dance. Art and Music are taught by subject-specific specialists and are incorporated into each integrated EIC unit. Drama and dance are integrated with other subject areas.
The Visual Arts program is committed to mastering the elements of art and principles of design through art history and process. There is a strong emphasis on cross-curricular and collaborative art lessons, a heavy focus on environment, and upcycling materials to create sustainable art. These practices model and inspire students to look at materials differently, and in doing so, increase creativity and reduce our carbon footprint.

World Language

The World Language program strives to immerse students experiences which showcase cultural diversity.  The program fosters the ability of students to communicate and interact with people in the target language, improve their understanding, and sensitivity, to cultural similarities and differences, and develop an appreciation of cultural differences. Additionally, the program strives to equip students with improved critical thinking and problem solving skills to succeed in an ever-changing global community.


Seven Generations Charter School is excited for our Music programming to resume in 2022.
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