Karri Schreppel, Office Assistant 
Karri grew up surrounded by cornfields and nature in a house her parents built on her grandmother’s farmland. She graduated from Northampton High School and attended community college to work toward a degree in business management. Most of the jobs she has had over the years have involved working with food. She enjoys the creative aspect of working in food service so much that she started a  small custom cupcake and cake business. Her cupcake cart has been at local farmers’ markets, events and festivals since 2012, and she has met so many great families in our community.

In addition to creating awesome cupcakes and assisting with lunches at Seven Generations,  Karri enjoys spending time creating and cooking delicious, healthy meals at home. She has a small garden and grows a variety of fresh produce, but she can also be found at the local farmers’ market every Sunday listening to the music and being with the community. She and her husband love camping and traveling, but are just as happy reading and relaxing with their adorable dogs. In the summer, Karri spends a lot of time with her nieces and nephews, watching them grow into amazing people. She and her husband also host a Fresh Air child for a week each year, which is a wonderful, rewarding experience. Contact Karri Schreppel