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4th Grade Biography Writing Project

4th Graders concluded their biography study by writing a biography on person of their choice. They also integrated art into their writing units by created these amazing bottle models to go with their biographies.

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3rd Grade Great Debate

3rd Grade found a unique way to take their learning outside the classroom, giving students purpose and providing them with a fun experiential learning opportunity. The third grade team was studying persuasive and argumentative writing and thought, what better way…

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2nd Grade Invention Fair

Our 2nd graders wrapped up their unit on Inventions and Innovations with our annual Invention Fair! So proud of our students and their inquisitive minds and creative ideas!

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Simple Machine Experience

We love walking our halls and catching our kids in action. Second graders were embodying Experiential Learning by creating their own simple machines models as part of their Inventions and Innovations Unit.

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Students Excited About Designing New Playground

We are busy going through over 300 playground design ideas from our students. These designs will be sent to our landscape design team to aid in the construction of our new playground space. We love the creative and inquisitive energy…

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