Executive Assistant

Sandra Suero, Executive Assistant
Sandra is pursuing a degree in child psychology and counseling while working in our Intermediate School office. Previously, she assisted patients applying for financial support through State Aid, but she was so drawn to the core values Seven Generations offers to children and families that she joined our staff in 2015.

Sandra enjoys spending time with her children, especially outdoors. She’s also started to garden, loves to bake, and tries to pick up a book and read whenever she can. Contact Sandra Suero at sandra.suero@sevengen.org.



Liz Donham, PIMS Coordinator 
Liz graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Rutgers University with a degree in English and political science. She worked in the financial services industry for 25 years as a Human Resources and Learning & Development professional. She specialized in developing curricula and teaching adults everything from basic skills to technology to effective leadership strategies. Her experience educating and leading adults has translated very well to educating children.

Liz’s sons attended a very small public school that had one class per grade and a strong emphasis on an integrated curriculum. She believes their early experience helped mold them into lifelong learners and contributed to their success in college today. Seven Generations’ mission, vision, and values are consistent with that experience, so she is happy to be working with professionals who continue to offer young people an educational and social experience that will serve them well as adults.

A Pennsylvania resident since 1991, Liz lives in the woods of Upper Bucks County with her husband Jeff, three cats, and sons, Evan (Temple University) and Jason (University of Pittsburgh), who visit over break and during the summer. When the family is together, they love to be outside. Their most recent adventure was an 85-mile canoe trek on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway in Northern Maine. Liz’s indoor pursuits include cooking, needlework, reading, and movies . . . and there’s always some kind of home project going on at their house! Contact Liz Donham atliz.donham@sevengen.org.