Nutrition: Snacks & Lunches

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Packed Lunch Tips:
At Seven Generations we try to generate the least amount of garbage possible. For that reason, we ask that students “pack in and pack out,” much like campers do when they are at a campsite. This helps us generate less garbage from lunch time.

Below are some lunch-packing tips to help everyone save money and reduce waste due to excessive packaging:

• Instead of juice boxes, pouches, or bottles, purchase a small thermos with a tight-fitting lid. Fill this container with juice for lunch time. Or ask your child to use his/her school water bottle.

• Instead of packaged foods like Lunchables, purchase a sectioned container with a snap-on lid that can be filled with foods like crackers, cheese, and grapes. It can be washed and reused daily.

• Instead of individual applesauce containers, puddings, and yogurts, purchase small containers with lids. Stock up on large jars of applesauce and large containers of yogurt, or prepare boxed or homemade pudding, then pack individual servings in the containers.

• Instead of using paper napkins and plastic throw-away utensils, purchase inexpensive cloth napkins and use silverware that can be washed and reused.

• If you pack items that will create waste, please include a plastic bag for your child to wrap the trash before packing it back into his or her lunchbox. This will help to keep the lunchbox clean.

Snack Ideas:
• apples and fruit with yogurt
• nuts, seeds, trail mixes or cereals
• dried fruit
• granola or granola bars
• whole-grain crackers or pretzels (with peanut butter or cheese)
• veggie sticks and dip
• chips and salsa
• bran muffins (or other less-sweet baked goods)
• cottage cheese, string cheese, or cheese cubes
• pita and hummus
• popcorn
• peanut butter or turkey in a whole-grain tortilla
• small sandwiches