Title 1

Title 1 is the nation’s largest Federal Assistance Program for Schools. Title 1 provides assistance for students who must accelerate their progress to perform at or near grade level. The Title 1 /Academic Support program here at Seven Generations is designed to provide students with extra help in order to bring their academic skills to the high, challenging academic standard needed to be successful in school. We currently provide Academic Support K-3 in reading. Title 1 resources are directed toward students who need the most. These services are designed to supplement students’ regular education instruction in reading. Students qualify for additional support based upon benchmark assessments as well as teacher recommendations. Academic Support services are in addition to core reading instruction.

Tutoring may take place in class or out of class. This is supplemental and your child is not missing valuable class instruction.

For more information on Title 1 please visit: US Department of Education Title 1 Page

Find out more about the Title 1 State Parent Advisory Council (SPAC).

Read the Title 1 Parent Policies:

Parents Right to Know
917 – Parent Involvement
917A – Parent Involvement – School/Parent Compact.

Free Parent Resources for Title 1 Parents

SGCS Title 1 Parent Lending Library

Find Title 1 Academic Support Web Resources.

Request free Resource Center Booklets (order form page 1), Resource Center Booklets (order form page 2). *Contact Ms. Gehret for the needed signature at carolan.gehret@sevengen.org.

School/Family Compacts

Kindergarten Title 1 Compact

1st Grade Title 1 Compact

2nd Grade Title 1 Compact

3rd Grade Title 1 Compact

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RIF-Literacy Central has leveled supplemental reading material for different units or books that you read as a class.

There are about 24 web pages (of 24 per page) activities for different book titles (activities include guides for educators, guides for parents, extension activities for educators, vocabulary activities, some even have musical sing-a-longs.)  Click here to view.