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PTO Information

PTO Mission & Core Committee

As the SGCS PTO, it is our mission to serve as a collaborative team of parents and staff members supporting the core values of our school. We enrich and enhance the quality of educational experiences by engaging parents as active participants, building community, coordinating events, resources, expertise, and time in alignment with the values of our school.

Are you interested in joining the PTO Core Committee? We are looking for facilitators, agenda keepers, secretaries, and treasurers. Learn more about these roles and sign up by using Sign Up Genius.

As always, all are welcome to attend PTO meetings. Being a Core Committee member is not required to participate in the meetings!

PTO Meetings

PTO meetings are every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm and are open to the public. We are currently holding them virtually through Google Meets.

Meeting Norms

  • We agree to listen and respond to one another in a respectful way, creating a safe environment allowing for all to be heard.
  • We agree to allow all participants to be heard and have an equal say, gather input from everyone and utilize some form of consensus for decision making by people present.
  • We agree to allow all participants an opportunity to contribute their voice in a safe, welcoming environment and to have a clear communication to the school community of agenda, minutes and other information.
  • We agree to start and end on time, be respectful of time by staying true to the agenda.
  • We agree that the official PTO communication distributed will be fact-based, unbiased information and will not include any personal sharing or details.
  • We agree to foster an environment that is welcoming, open-minded, and positive in which we expect to follow all agreed-upon norms.

Do You Have an Item You Would Like to Discuss?
If you would like to suggest an item for a future meeting agenda, please send an email to the address below.

Monthly Fundraiser

SGCS Reusable Bags

Wawa Hoagie Vouchers

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Fabric Eggs


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Kindness Counts T-shirt

Monthly Event

Join us April 1 at the Phantoms Game! Tickets are $19.You can Game Time: 7:05

Purchase tickets and sign your waiver here:

Join the PTO in making our community a better place by participating in the Kindness Counts initiative. If your family is interested in participating,
please submit a Kindness Counts pledge form.

During the school year, we’d like to knowhow kind you can be!

To get you started, we’ll give you some ideas. There will also be two events to do as a group before the end of the school year starting with Family Volunteer Day on Saturday November 19th.

Take photos of your family conducting these acts of kindness, while wearing
your Kindness Counts t-shirt, and submit them to the PTO.




Students who participate in our Kindness Counts Initiative will get a free T-shirt! If you would like to purchase an extra t-shirt for purchase an adult T-shirt please use the link below.

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Monthly Newsletter

January Newsletter

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