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What other are saying…

“We absolutely love Seven Generations Charter School!  The teachers and staff are dedicated and incredibly kind.  My daughter’s needs are being met in a warm and caring environment.  Developmentally appropriate activities and outdoor experiences are customary.  Seven Generations not only provides academic excellence in reading, writing, and math, but they also provide a strong foundation in the sciences, imparting a sense of environmental responsibility.  We are so glad we chose Seven Generations!”

“We absolutely love Seven Generations Charter School!  They provide everything we were looking for: academic excellence, caring teachers, a strong science focus, and outdoor experiences, all in a warm, supportive community.”


“Seven Generations gave my children the confidence to explore the world with all their senses. The teachers and admin speak to the students with love and respect. My children always knew their opinions and ideas were valued. This gave them the freedom to try new things, take risks, and go on to middle school with a love for learning. As a parent, I can tell constructivism is important to the team at Seven Generations because it permeates all their communications and guides their activities. They understand that learning is contextual and that it is embedded in the world around us. This developed a worldview in my children that they can learn everywhere they go. I am glad to be part of a community that is intentional. I am so happy my children have grown up at Seven Gen!”  

Our students were struggling greatly in traditional public school. We learned about Seven Gen through the school website. From the first time I called for information I could already sense the difference in this school. My children have attended Seven Gen for five years now, and we have never regretted the decision. The staff at Seven Gen love our children and work hard to meet their unique needs. They value our input as parents and listen when we express concerns. My children are thriving in ways we never thought possible when they attended our local school. We love Seven Gen!!!” 

We were drawn to 7 Gen for their EE curriculum, small class size, and their hands-on learning approach. Over the years we have come to appreciate so much more about 7 Gen.  First, 7 Gen’s brilliant behavior reward system grows kind kids who are given the skills to be future contributing citizens and community leaders. When an unknowing adult recently asked if kids were teased at school, my child replied “oh, kids at my school don’t do that kind of stuff,” and that has been the experience for both of our kids.  

Second, there are so many truly valuable soft skills our kids have learned – like public speaking, working in groups, macro-thinking, etc., that are nurtured by both the teachers and the curriculum. Among other things, we have watched our shy child go from not wanting to raise his hand to answer a question to volunteering to read all-school morning announcements.  And last but not least, the current administration is amazing – they are sharp, but also think with their hearts, and work so hard to communicate with families. They hire great teachers, and enable teachers to provide truly amazing experiences for our kids. It is not an exaggeration in any way to say that we are so glad we chose 7 Gen, and are grateful to be part of such a wonderful school community.” 


“Seven Generations provided my child with the support and skills to learn in an integrated environment while giving back to her community and peers.”

“Seven Generations is full of teachers and staff who work tirelessly to keep our child safe and give her new opportunities to learn about the world around her.”

“We chose Seven Generations because we wanted our child to have as much outdoor education as possible. In her first two years she has already learned so much about natural science and the world around her.”

“We love that Seven Generations gives our child regular opportunities to explore and learn about her surroundings – the natural world and her community.”

“Seven Generations attracts teachers who believe in empowering children to love learning, which is exactly what my three children have experienced. Hands-on, community-based learning with small class sizes and a focus on involving families are some of our favorite aspects of our beloved school!”

“I am so thankful we chose Seven Generations because they have provided an undeniable experience about how nature affects the community. My grandson has grown so much and Seven Gen has helped him in developing into the loving young man he is today.”

“Seven Generations is a safe place for our children to explore and help their community to be sustainable in a disposable world.”

“Seven Generations provides my children with the opportunity to learn while having fun in a nature based environment. We love how the curriculum is integrated into many areas of study that allows children to use creative thinking and hands-on learning in and outside of the classroom.”

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