Welcome to (RC)2

School-Wide Expectations


Meet Our Mascot Arcee

What Is (RC)2?

RC2 is SGCS’s School Wide Positive Behavior Program (SWPBIS).  RC2   is intended to offer our students, teachers, staff, families, and community a shared understanding of our collaborative hopes/dreams and expectations on how we will interact with one another, our school, and our environment.  The RC2 program has impacted the school community by creating a universal language and recognition system.  This system promotes acknowledging others when they demonstrate one of the four pillars of RC2.  Members of our community acknowledge each other for specific behaviors and articulate why those behaviors strengthen our school community.

All School Morning Meeting

Come on out and join us for our weekly All School Morning Meeting! Each week, SGCS celebrates (RC)2 by gathering the community together from 9:00-9:30 am.  During this time, students and staff present on current projects, accomplishments, and goals.  This follows the Responsive Classroom format, and is a wonderful way to become a part of our school community.  We hope to see you there!

All School Morning Meeting Objectives:

  1. A weekly gathering of community
  2. A different group in the community runs the meeting
  3. Follows the Responsive Classroom Morning Meeting Format
  4. Ends by passing the Golden Otter to a staff member demonstrating (RC)2

How Does (RC)2 Work With Kelso’s Choice?

To assist students with conflict resolution strategies, (RC)2 utilizes the Kelso’s Choice program to support students, teachers, and families.  In this program, students learn about small and big problem.  Students learn to use two of the Kelso’s Choice strategies to solve small problems.  Big problems, a problem that still occurs after two strategies or a safety issue, requires the student to go to an adult right away.   Staff utilize these strategies to help students develop independent skills when working through a disagreement.

To learn how to support your child at home with Kelso’s Choice click here!