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Welcome to Seven Generations Charter School

The Seven Generations Charter School is one in which students from every grade level engage in activities focused on sustainable living, environmental stewardship, and respect for our planet and all living things. We believe that a school with excellent academic standards can also be a place where students learn citizenship and develop the skills to succeed as they improve the overall quality of life in their communities.

Mission & Vision


The Seven Generations Charter School is an academically rich educational community creating generations of stewards who embrace our world and each other. All members of the Seven Generations Charter School community are committed to a public education alternative that promotes sustainability and citizenship with an interdisciplinary, individualized, project-based curriculum.


To each Seven Generations student, we pledge:

  • An integrated learning experience that emphasizes sustainable living practices
  • An experiential, constructivist approach to education that encourages hands-on learning in the community as well as in the classroom
  • A culturally rich atmosphere that celebrates the expansive world around us
  • An environment of academic excellence that taps into the creativity and uniqueness of each child and that fosters mutual respect

What are Charter Schools?

Independently Operated Public Schools
Charter schools are independently operated public schools funded with federal, state, and local tax dollars. Charter schools provide families with educational alternatives that are non-profit, nonsectarian, organizations
approved by the local Board of Education (the “authorizer”), or the State Appeal Board.

Accountable to a Board and Authorizer
Charter schools have a Board of Trustees and administrative staff and operates as a separate, independent local educational agency. The Pennsylvania Charter School Law set up charters to operate free of many of the local and state requirements that apply to traditional public schools.
Charter schools have a Parent/Community Handbook which explains the school’s rules, how it complies with these statutes, a listing of dates and times for Board of Trustees’ meetings, the procedure to be followed for parental inquiries, and complaints and many other details about the school’s operations.

Myths vs. Facts About Charters


RC2 is SGCS’s School Wide Positive Behavior Program (SWPBIS). RC2 is intended to offer our students, teachers, staff, families, and community a shared understanding of our collaborative hopes/dreams and expectations on how we will interact with one another, our school, and our environment. The RC2 program has impacted the school community by creating a universal language and recognition system. This system promotes acknowledging others when they demonstrate one of the four pillars of RC2. Members of our community acknowledge each other for specific behaviors and articulate why those behaviors strengthen our school community.

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