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Jennifer Miller


After graduating with a BFA (printmaking/illustration) from Rochester Institute of Technology, Jen worked for over ten years in the design industry as an Assistant Director in advertising, Layout Designer/Illustrator for Rodale Books, freelance Illustrator/Graphic Designer, and Art Director for a ribbon and pottery company.

Jen felt the pull of teaching, wanting to share her experience and passion in visual art. Witnessing the downfall of art in schools, she was determined to keep creativity as part of a strong foundation. She received her Education Certification (Art K-12) from Moravian College, and worked in the Allentown School District for six years before joining Seven Generations in 2010-11.

On a personal level, Jen loves to organize spaces and transform them into something functional and beautiful. She claims clutter makes her uncomfortable, but quirky surprises in unusual places make her laugh. Art is a big deal, and she prefers large-format, collaborative pieces. This can be in the form of work created individually and then placed together or an all-out, high-energy conglomeration of awesome.

A native of upstate New York, she prefers fall and winter. She feels landscapes are most beautiful with the changing colors that segue into snowy shapes. She jogs, skis, sleds, skates, snowshoes, and has been known to start a snowball fight or two. Or she’s off on travels with family and friends. She’s been throughout the USA, France, Belgium, Portugal, China, and Canada. Her favorite places so far are Paris, Northern California, Portugal, and home (Fogelsville).

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