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Kelly Paxton

Supervisor of Special Education

Originally from Charlottesville, Virginia, I have lived in and around the Lehigh Valley since 2012. I currently live in Hellertown, Pa and love its small-town feel.

In May 2016 I graduated with an M. Ed in Special Education from Lehigh University. While pursuing my Masters, I simultaneously worked at Centennial School of Lehigh University as a Teacher’s Associate in the Middle School Program. Centennial School serves children and youth with educational disabilities, including emotional disturbance and autism. During my time there, I taught diverse groups of students with ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, speech impairments, and noncompliant behavior. After graduation from Lehigh University, I worked for a year as a Special Education teacher at Upper Perkiomen Middle School. These teaching positions provided me with extensive experience in special education, curriculum development, behavior management, cooperative teaching, and technology integration. While my short time at Upper Perkiomen Middle School served to strengthen my ability to meet the needs of all students, whether, in general education or special education setting, I desired to work within an educational setting that was more able to design creative instruction to meet the needs of diverse students. The field of Special Education continues to be my passion. Working within a community of students with such diverse and challenging needs has made me confident in my ability to meet the individual instructional and emotional needs of every exceptional child. I have had the opportunity to experience the immense impact creative differentiation can have on the emotional and academic evolution of exceptional children. Additionally, I have directly experienced the passion, empathy, dedication, and selflessness required to reach each and every child.

Seven Gen embodies everything that supports students as they reach their full potential. The teachers create a family environment that supports and nurtures children as they develop their own passions and interests. The curriculum at Seven Generation allows students to work in a project-based, hands-on environment that inspires students to drive their own education.

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