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We were drawn to 7 Gen for their EE curriculum, small class size, and their hands-on learning approach. Over the years we have come to appreciate so much more about 7 Gen.  First, 7 Gen’s brilliant behavior reward system grows kind kids who are given the skills to be future contributing citizens and community leaders. When an unknowing adult recently asked if kids were teased at school, my child replied “oh, kids at my school don’t do that kind of stuff,” and that has been the experience for both of our kids.  

Second, there are so many truly valuable soft skills our kids have learned – like public speaking, working in groups, macro-thinking, etc., that are nurtured by both the teachers and the curriculum. Among other things, we have watched our shy child go from not wanting to raise his hand to answer a question to volunteering to read all-school morning announcements.  And last but not least, the current administration is amazing – they are sharp, but also think with their hearts, and work so hard to communicate with families. They hire great teachers, and enable teachers to provide truly amazing experiences for our kids. It is not an exaggeration in any way to say that we are so glad we chose 7 Gen, and are grateful to be part of such a wonderful school community.” 


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